Teen Driving Contract | Schaumburg P & C Agency

Is your teenager ready to drive on their own? Before you hand over the keys, take the time to create a driving contract with your teen. Click the link below for a great resource! Teen Driving Contract   Originally posted on Nationwide.com  

Distracted driving: Facts, stats and scare tactics | Schaumburg Insurance Firm

Distracted driving has been a rising menace as cell phones have become more popular among people, and texting has become the new norm for communication. These mini-computers, we call smart-phones, are changing the game when people get behind the wheel. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in both 2014 and 2015 a terrifying … Continued

5 Tips to Protect Your Possessions with Valuable Items Insurance Coverage | Schaumburg Insurance Agency

You may think that a homeowners insurance policy provides adequate coverage for all your valuables, but policies may provide limited or no coverage for certain items — including generally expensive items — that are damaged or stolen. For example, many homeowners policies generally have a $1,000 or $1,500 coverage amount for jewelry if the loss is due … Continued

Redesigned W-4 Form to Launch in 2020 | Schaumburg Benefits Partners

When will the new Form W-4 be released? In 2020, according to a press release published by the Treasury Department on September 20, 2018. The department announced that the IRS will implement a redesigned W-4 form for tax year 2020, a timeline that will allow for continued work to refine the new approach for the … Continued

Look Backward to Plan Forward | Schaumburg Benefits Agents

We have entered Open Enrollment season and that means you and everyone in your office are probably reading through enrollment guides and trying to decipher it all. As you begin your research into which plan to choose or even how much to contribute to your Health Savings Account (HSA), consider evaluating how you used your … Continued

9 Reasons Why Stay-at-Home Parents Need Life Insurance | Schaumburg Benefit Advisors

You’re probably already aware that a parent with a job outside the house most likely needs life insurance to protect their loved ones in case something were to happen. But it’s not just breadwinners who need coverage—stay-at-home parents do, too. Here are nine reasons why. 1. To replace the value of their labor. Stay-at-home parents … Continued

Lamb Little Team Meets Cubs Greats!

Holy Cow! Lamb Little’s Gary Kalina and Dennis Powers were recently treated to a day at Wrigley Field where they got a tour of the Friendly Confines and saw the World Series trophy. The icing on the cake was they also got to meet two amazing Cubs Hall of Famers: the great Fergie Jenkins and … Continued

10 Everyday Things That Cost More Than Term Life Insurance | Schaumburg Benefits Consultants

Adults and parents worry. We worry about our family’s health, safety, financial security and future. But more families need to put their money where their heart is by buying term life insurance. (This is the most affordable type when initially purchased and provides protection for a specific period of time or the “term”.) However, the issue isn’t a … Continued

How to Storm-Proof Your House | Schaumburg Benefits Partners

Every year, the U.S. faces floods, tornados, hail, blizzards and other extreme weather. The areas that are affected are widening, too, so residents can no longer assume their regions will experience the same type of weather they experienced 20 or 30 years ago. Weather patterns are changing. Since 1970, extreme weather in the U.S. has … Continued

5 Signs You Need to Up Your Life Insurance Coverage | Shaumburg Benefits Agency

Depending on the type of life insurance policy you have, you could be covered anywhere between one year and the rest of your life, depending on if you have term or permanent life insurance. But if you’ve had a policy for a while, it might no longer be enough. As your life changes, your insurance … Continued