As our client, you will have a team of highly qualified professionals working for you to provide you with the best coverage for you, your family, or your business. Building a long-lasting relationship with our clients is our number one priority.

Jim Brennan

Vice President - Commercial

Direct: (847) 230-3216

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Josh Daugherty

Vice President

Direct: (847) 230-3258

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Andy Demarco

Vice President - Personal

Direct: (847) 230-3234

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Bob Disselhorst

Vice President - Commercial & Managing Director

Direct: (847) 230-3238

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Lisa Hermann

VP/Managing Director - Commercial

Direct: (847) 230-3252

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John Josten

Vice President - Employee Benefits and Financial Services

Direct: (847) 307-4206

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Martin Josten

Vice President - Employee Benefits and Financial Services

Direct: (847) 307-4208

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Gary Kalina

Vice President - Commercial & Managing Director

Direct: (847) 230-3268

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Michael Kelly

Vice President - Commercial

Direct: (847) 230-3270

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Brian Kernan

Vice President - Commercial

Direct: (847) 230-3350

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Chuck Mazzanti

Commercial Insurance Broker

Direct: (847) 230-3304

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Jim McFarlane

Commercial Insurance Broker

Direct: (847) 230-3366

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Steve Mileski

Senior Vice President - Programs

Direct: (847) 230-3246

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Vito Migliore

VP/Managing Director - Employee Benefits

Direct: (847) 230-3286

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Kent Nelson

Chariman and Chief Strategy Officer

Direct: (847) 230-3282

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Reed Oliff

Vice President & Managing Director

Direct: (847) 230-3298

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Dennis Powers

Vice President - Commercial

Direct: (847) 230-3294

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Maureen Reibel

Account Executive - Employee Benefits Division

Direct: (847) 230-3306

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Andrew Rutherford

Commercial Insurance Broker

Direct: (847) 230-3220

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Joe Zaino

Vice President

Direct: (847) 230-3232

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