"We choose to work with our team at Lamb Little & Co because of their excellent service and determination to quickly resolve all of our queries. With this service in mind we would definitely recommend Lamb Little & Co to our business associates."

GSS Infotech

"We continue to work with Lamb Little & Co because of their commitment to service. Our broker is a proactive agent and advisor who asks thoughtful questions to help minimize our risk and manage the claims process when necessary to make it as painless as possible."

Penguin Frozen Foods

"Insurance can be complicated and hard so you have to be comfortable with whom you choose to work with. My broker and his staff at Lamb Little & Co have been extremely helpful...responding quickly to all of my requests. I really appreciate all that they do."

Moesle Wholesale Meats

"Our Lamb Little broker and his team are outstanding. I rest assured knowing that he goes the extra step for our business keeping in contact with me throughout the entire year...not just at renewal time...to discuss insurance issues that may impact our business. I recommend them because of their knowledge, services, and professionalism."

Marketing 4

"For 20 plus years our broker at Lamb Little & Co has developed insurance programs utilizing reputable carriers and competitive pricing. While we had no trust in our previous provider, we TRUST his counsel. We have recommended our broker several times with great results."

Vector Custom Fabricating

"Our 10 plus years working with our Lamb Little team have been an extremely positive and great experience. Our prior providers did not offer the enterprise wide organization and attention to detail that Lamb Little offers. Their service and responsiveness has helped our bottom line."

Ryan McNaughton Holdings

"I feel my broker at Lamb Little is the very best at what he does since he makes an effort to explain in detail how to get the most of my insurance program. As a result, I feel comfortable and secure."

Southwestern Citgo

"We engaged Lamb Little a few years ago because of their ability to negotiate a fair premium however we have stayed with them in subsequent years because of their exceptional and professional service...especially their aggressive approach to solving claim issues. One of the reasons that I would recommend them to a friend or business colleague."

Apet Inc.

"Our Lamb Little team couldn't be better. They are thorough attentive and smart. Far and away better than any other agent that we have ever worked with."

Bistrot Zinc

"Our broker at Lamb Little worked to get our business 10 years ago and continues to work to keep our business which we appreciate. Our previous broker just sent over renewals with no communication or analysis resulting in poor value. Lamb Little's service is just right, helpful when needed, quietly working behind the scenes at other times."

Cars of America

"Over 12 years ago we switched to Lamb Little because of their competitive rates, however it is their timely, well explained and proactive service which has kept our partnership growing. This service model is the reason I would recommend Lamb Little."