In a few words, we’re your safety net.

We’re your assurance that no matter what the incident, event, or consequence—whether unexpected or unintended—you will have peace of mind.

Since 1947 we’ve been providing world-class service to our clients in Illinois by way of our long-term carrier relationships, our dedicated insurance consulting and account management teams, and our claims and risk control services. Specializing in Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Business Insurance, Lamb, Little & Co. makes sure that our clients are covered for what ever comes their way.

It’s a delicate balancing act. But it’s one at which we’re experts.

We’re your one-stop resource in Schaumburg, Illinois for bridging the gap between your current insurance program and your risk management needs. We’re there to catch you should you stumble or fall.

We’re always there.

We’re a Company of Experienced Insurance Professionals

Each one of us with a personal and financial stake in your business. In truth, we’re 
equity partners. Not just within our own organization but with our clients, too.

We All Have an Ownership Stake in Our Company

We’re all owners. There are no outside stockholders to please at the expense of pleasing clients. No corporate mandate or bureaucracy. Our great customer relationships will NEVER be disrupted by a corporate takeover, buyout or acquisition. Which is why YOUR business really is OUR business.

Shared Resources

Call it strength in numbers. We’re able to deliver the very best products and services in the entire industry. As a result, each broker is responsible for the welfare of their respective clients.

Our Commission Structure is Unique

Your Lamb Little broker gets the same amount of compensation year after year.
 Most of our competitors pay their brokers more in the first year to land your business and then significantly less for subsequent renewals. Now, who’s going to work harder for you each and every year?

The Client Experience

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